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The Land of Plastic

Ever since the kids have come into our house, it has become the land of plastic.  Dave and I had no idea how these plastic things multiply on their own.  How they are replicating and expanding all over our home is a mystery.  Does this happen to all houses with children?  So, this is David in the mist of all the plastic.. see how it is never-ending?

My kids on Mother’s day

[caption id="attachment_242" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="Me and David"]Me and David[/caption]

More Yoga

I have so many great images of Leeanne!  I needed to add a few more.

Nature Baby

Since I am actually getting some of these done, I am adding the newest member of the Murray clan!  This baby is surrounded by all nature/organic stuff and my amazing cousin Brigid (the mommy) was completely willing to strip the baby down and lay in the grass.

Yoga Morning

I have so many posts to catch up on but I could not wait to post these.  So, 6:30 on a Saturday morning was SO productive.  Although I was hearing my college photography teacher criticizing someone’s “god” pictures, I loved the sun blowing out parts of the images,  The orbs were all over the place.  These pictures are for a web-site of a friend.  Check out her arms!!!  Fabulous.. someday I will get there again.  This is just a a small snapshot of her poses.  I will re-post with her web-site.

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