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Check me out!!!

4th of July

I am doing these posts out of order.  Next will be David’s June 3rd birthday.  On July 4th we went to the parade in Riverside, New Jersey.  It was great.  All the fire trucks in Burlington County participated, so David was beyond excited.  

Just one image

I have not updated my blog in over a month.  The end of the school year just wiped me out and I could not find motivation to do anything.  Even though things have not slowed down in my life, I was able to attend a workshop in Hartford, CT with Carla TenEyck  I learned so much and am completely motivated.  I could not wait to post at least one picture.  I will spend my evening today working on more.  Here is one of my favorites.

ok, I did just say one… but when can I ever just stop with a post of one!

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