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Tomorrow I will be developing Senior Packages.  I got to work yesterday with this amazing senior!  What fun!  

How did I forget to post?

Working in a class about Raw files, I realized that I never posted this family.  I am looking forward to my family shots at the farm in the next two months and this just motivated me!!! (I still have a few slots left.. so please e-mail me and set up an appointment)  This little guy is my little guys best bud.  He is really the apple of his parents eye and it was wonderful to see him around his parents and away from the school.

Engagement sneak peek!

Oh what fun!  I have not even begun to go through all the great images of Tina and Erik.  It’s going to be even better at their wedding in October.

After a long day of teaching

Two of my favorite people are getting married in November.  I have known Brad since elementary school (however, most of my memories of Brad are from high school)  We now teach together in the district where we grew up.  Eileen is an amazing teacher, I am in awe every time I walk into her classroom.  There is never a dull moment in either of their classrooms.  Eileen works with autistic students and Brad teaches fourth grade.  We finally grabbed the camera after a LONG day of teaching (each one of us with our own challenges) and ran out to the field next to the school. I was not able to get much (but what I did get, I love) and we did not have their dog or their boat… but this is just a peek of them.  Keep checking the post for their wedding.

A real little princess

I arrived at the house the morning before my start of school and there she was… totally ready for me.  This little girl had outfits ready and a smile of someone who was totally ready for the camera.  Her mother had just finished her final chemotherapy session so the house was in a festive mood.  We started with “the dress” and moved on to the other outfits.  I got totally excited about the tutu.  And… when I asked… I discovered there were more than one… and fairy wings!  Are you kidding?!? What fun!!!

[caption id="attachment_342" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="All about the Willow tree... what a fairy princess."]All about the Willow tree... what a fairy princess.[/caption]

Catch up… The Nichols kids

I am have been busy right before school started this week.  I am totally overwhelmed with the amount of posts that I should do.  So, we are going to work backwards….  The Monday before we went back to school, I was able to get over to Susan’s house to take some great shots of her kids.  I can not believe how grown up her son is and her daughter… where did that year go?



After we spend time with the family, we walked next door and the T got to go see his friend A. They were too cute.

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