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Busy Weekend

So this was my graduate class weekend but I snuck in a newborn shoot on Saturday afternoon.  I don’t usually do them but i ended up having a great time and loving the images as I opened them up last night.Thank you Jillian and Chris. Congratulation on your perfect little boy!

Personal-She turned 6

ok, so where did the past six years go… I am amazed about how she has become such a big kid overnight.  Anyway, we got to go to a nature/farm center.  I remember going when I was in elementary school (it has grown since then) and they have become not only a animal rescue center but an education center as well.  She got to pick the animals and she totally surprised me by choosing the bearded dragon… who knew?  Now, all she keeps talking about is going camping this summer.  I love that she is the nature girl but does this mean I need to pet lizards and go camping too? 

We also had more of the most amazing cupcakes ever that we created with our nature theme.  Kati Kupcakes were so creative, just spectacular.

Winter Wildwood boardwalk…

Engagement pictures are not just for couples who are planning their weddings. but how about the couple who just wants to celebrate an anniversary? When was the last time you had your picture taken with your special someone? It’s Valentine’s Day… e-mail us and ask about our special couple’s package… It’s all about documenting your lives through our art… art + life. or

So, I just wanted to give you another peek of our Valentine Engagement shoot!

ok, two kissing pictures… but it’s Valentine’s Day, I had too!

Happy Valentine’s Day-Sneak Peek!

A cold, snow-covered Jersey Boardwalk… come on!!!  So many to pick from, but am just sharing one right now…

too much snow

The Philadelphia region has just had too much snow!  I am done with it!  

but it is beautiful.

6 months ago

ok, since the rain stopped and the snow started AGAIN!!! for the third snowstorm of the winter, I needed something warm.  I do a special deal for clients to purchase a disk of their shoot after 6 months.  Well, I am sitting here burning images of a time that I miss, a time where it was warm and a time to imagine flower fairies. 

Hope you are keeping warm.


Calling Seniors!


Ok, for anyone who knows me, you realize how much i love spending an afternoon with a teenager.  (no, I really do!!)  So, 2010 Seniors as you get start making decisions about next year and the future, book your session with me.  I have three packages set up and all you need to do is e-mail me and I can send it out to you.

Cupcakes and a Snow Storm!

Ok, we have been grounded for another weekend.  We still have not been able to visit the McGeorge clan to celebrate x-mas!  I kept busy with the long process of winterizing and dewinterizing as the kids when in and out.  Also, we ordered cupcakes from a local vender (which we are now eating instead of sharing)  Once I figure out how to link, I will share Kati’s KupCakes….

First the cupcakes…

and now the two feet of snow….

I am sure there will be more images tomorrow!

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