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I heart faces

Ok, this is the first time doing this but I am submitting these images to the I HEART Faces Weekly Contest.  Their guest judge is one of my ALL time inspirational photographers.  So, here it goes, I hope I do it correctly since there are some technical rules that I need to follow….  (I am so not good at the technical stuff)  The theme is Dramatic Black and White.

This image was from a shoot in the fall of a fellow teacher’s family.  We had typical kid drama (I am such a middle school teacher… not an elementary school teacher) and I really had that feeling of “oh no… I don’t think I have the shot” until I opened this up, as well as images of the family on the bridge (see older posts in sepia.)  I had that overwhelming feeling that I used to get working in the darkroom and watching the image come into view… I got my groove back!


The next thing I need to do is to add the icon and the link…..

i heart faces



Lily’s 3!!!

This year went fast!!!  I can not believe my niece is three!  She was so much fun on her birthday with the facial expressions!  Love.  Remember to contact me now for Spring Break portrait sessions!

I added one of my guys.  Oh course, Lily’s birthday means my birthday as well.

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