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Playing around with a new program

more family for the summer

For those who do not know but my husband is studying for the BAR this summer and I will be spending my time traveling around the East coast for the next month.  art + life event photography do not have any big events planed (hopefully going to get to some e-shoots or anniversary pixs in august) so most of my shooting this summer will be families.  

I wanted to add just a few from this summer that I am just in love with…. keep visiting because this is going to be a busy week as I visit with mommy groups and LBI.

Speaking of teens/seniors

Attention graduating class of 2011, we (art + life photography) are looking for senior representatives. If you are interested and want to find out more information, please e-mail me and Denise at

i heart faces (i heart teens)

Ok, this one was really hard for me.  I had a ton of senior portraits and I was feeling very sentimental about them.  I volunteer at graduation for a reason.  I am a true high school teacher deep down in my heart.  When they leave me going into seventh grade… I continuously wonder about how their lives turn out and well, I am a noisy body.  I am so excited to see them at this juncture of life (see the whole rites of passage theme of the art + life company???)  Anyway, I had people vote and I am going to completely by-pass and pick an image that, to me, sums up the angst of being a teenage.  It also brings me back to the feeling of film, which I miss tremendously!!  With the sepia…  I can just smell the rotten egg smell of the chemical bath (you know that smell… down in the darkroom… remember???)

Again, it’s all about the Mellencamp moment…. (did I just totally date myself???)

Taking it to the shore

yes the shore, it’s because we are from Jersey.  Booking family shots, engagement shoots, rock the dress (also known as Trash the Dress) and/or anniversary shoots down the shore this summer.  looking at some time slots opening the first week in July and will be able to make day/evening trips the last week of June as well and august! Just e-mail me for specifics!

PLAY! i heart faces

Yes, another entry.  This one is of my own kids and my all time favorite.  

He is 4

Four and all about Superman.  His birthday landed on a Thursday so he spent his day at school with his friends.  There are moments in my life that I wish I did not work a full time job as well as being a mommy and an artist (… and a grad school student and a girls scout leader and … everything else on my plate)  Can anyone tell that June is tough on teachers? :-)

Anyway, back to my little man…  I had jerseygirl cakes make him these super cool superman cupcakes… How cool!

the cupcakes almost did not make it to school!

bare feet

it’s a non-competitive week for i heart faces but it’s one of my favorite images of tina + erik.  loving the shoes!

missing my cousin…

off to Germany after her Graduation from Penn.  I got a moment to spend with Becca and Lars before she moved off to Europe.

Hopefully these images will inspire her to come back and live in Philly.  Philly is really the best place to be!

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