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All grown up-Moorestown, NJ photographer

Lissa was my neighbor growing up.  Not only that, I lived next to her grandparents and her cousins (a house behind me and to my left and right..)  Her cousin is one of my best friends so I am totally invested in this family.  I got to spend an afternoon (a hot one in Jersey) and spent some time with her love.  It was so nice to see two people truly in love with each other.  This is one of my adventures by myself since Denise was on vacation and now I am away.  I miss working with another artist but those things happen and I really enjoyed my time doing what i love to do!  did I tell you it was hot…..

All about Seniors - Marlton, NJ photographer

Since the school year is right around the corner (I know, you did not need to hear that…) but art + life is totally jazzed about our senior shoots.  Starting in August, we are going to run Senior Days…  keep posted for information on our packages and dates.  We teamed up with a great stylist and kicked things off with our Senior Rep Becca.  Something is going on on facebook and the quality did not look to great (very grainy… anyone know what’s going on???)  so here are just a few images of Tuesday night.

We are looking for two more reps….  e-mail us


working on something for Brian….

Last day at the shore - Family - Ocean City photographer

I really do have the most handsome brother, the most stunning sister-in-law and the cutest niece ever!

Families at the beach

This was so much fun.  I have not been able to work on this project this past week because of our trip to Ocean City but I wanted to post this right away, tonight I have to make some final adjustments to an image or two :-)  I loved doing this since I am so involved with the extended family, as well as being best friends with Karen.  I grew up in the house next to their grandparents and have always loved being included in family gatherings.  ( i seem to get the inside jokes )  

My week in Ocean City

While dave is studying for the bar during the month of july, the kids and i are traveling all over the place and crashing at everyone’s places.  the first week, we had the pleasure of spending the entire time with my brother, sister-in law, my adorable niece and for most of the week, my mom.  It’s amazing to think that we have not had the opportunity to time together in many, many years.  for most of you who know me, my family likes to travel, volunteer, and teach around the world.  (my youngest brother is finally coming home in aug for a visit from egypt)  Anyway, it was a fun week!!!  the first group of pictures are from the first day alone….

Have been busy… - South Jersey child photographer

From head shots, to mommy and me groups, to families on the beach… this past week has been busy!  and I am loving it. I am going to slowly update the blog this weekend and would like to say, I still have a evening or two down at the Jersey Shore.  If you are interested, please e-mail me

I am going to start with these adorable babies!  I always say, I am not a baby person and I walk away loving these images (and these kids)  Attention mommy groups, this is a great opportunity.  Let’s make a date, split the sitting fee cost and get 20 great images to purchase a la carte!

now, I am missing the other Jack… for a reason. His mommy set this whole thing up and I have something special coming her way…. and even through I am horrible with surprises… I want to keep her waiting!  Thank you Jillian for all your support.  You rock!

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