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Moorestown Documentary Image- I heart faces

does not help that i just finished a biography on dorothea lange, but i was very excited to tackle this weeks theme-documentary!  i had a hard time choosing an image. but i have so many stark black and white images from a funeral that i photographed for the family.  this was a full blown firefighter funeral and the imagery was amazing.  this was the first image of that day, the local firefighters in the funeral directors office waiting… the chief is in the center without his hat and light from the window adds to the mood.

for more images of the evert…

Philadelphia Community Garden: Kate + Kim: art + life photography

just a highlight of what’s been happening with art + life photography.  Denise and I are working on branding our name, having a web-site up and running (asap) and booking weddings!!!  We had the pleasure of doing an engagement session for our May wedding for Kim + Kate.  We are also looking forward to our engagement shoots for our October wedding for Beth and another for our April wedding for Stu and Lilliana.

Here is the community garden in Philadelphia.  Martha Stewart Living had just left after a two day shoot for their March Garden Edition!  It’s going to be so cool to see this amazing space and I am really looking forward to the images.  Just like the girls, the garden is fabulous!

i heart faces-sunglasses

it’s been a few weeks since i have participated in i heart faces but i love this picture of chris juggling for his nephew at a family gathering.  i want these glasses.

make sure you check out i heart faces and all the other photographers who participate.  Also, remember to leave me comments!!! ~deb~

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