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Seniors-State College PA

I am on a roll tonight with the blogging!  After working my way through my galleries, I realized that I did not share many from my trip to PA for a senior weekend.  (Which I am booking again asap!) These girls were so much fun and so different in their paths to the future.  They are graduating in a few weeks and I could not be more excited for them.  As an artist, I try to find their inner spirit and originality (as my daughter would say… uniqueness.)

I have many to share so I just picked a few because you would be scrolling down forever… ~love~

Family Love-Merchantville, NJ Photography

Since I have not updated the blog in while (it’s been crazy around here with shoots and weddings) I realized that it needs a facelift.  Four years without a facelift and still my brother’s bio of me (which I can not change!!!) ~ugh~  The process of creating a logo and a brand is on it’s way.  We just finished with the art + life and I could not be happier.  Anyway, here are some more family work!!!

Birthday present

I was a birthday present.  So strange to say that but who would not love a photo session of your family.  This little girl totally reminded me of my little niece (and my own daughter.)


Again, I know I have mentioned it before how much I love High Schoolers.  I was invited to photograph some of my past students on the way to the prom…  ~sigh~  are they not amazing?  Also, check out art + life’s logo!  Working on the debbie mcgeorge logo and brand next.  Such a fun process!!

Boston Inspire

This past March, I was able to attend Boston Inspire.  Working with 100 fabulous New England photographers, I spent two days in workshops with true artists.  I had a wonderful, and very informative, time with Raw Photo who went through some amazing lighting techniques.  I am so ready to go out and buy a soft box for our lights :-)

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